Sanganer, a small town near Jaipur, may not have any famous sightseeing but it is the busiest town flourishing Indian textile art. Both Jaipur and Sanganer are full of national awards winners’ block makers and finest artisans of block printing. These two cities are able to attract most visitors every season. Using non-natural (chemical / synthetic) dyes now we are able to create beautiful designs in pastel and bright colors. Availability in color and many shades is what makes Jaipur block printing famous.

Many visitors from all over the world come to Jaipur to learn this traditional old technique of printing. There are workshops where you can learn in classes and there are people giving demonstrations of this printing technique in front of some shops on streets. To learn scrutiny you need to spend many-many days in a workshop because it requires a lot of education of the “technique”. Carving blocks is another part of learning and require more time than printing.

Even today the most traditional and old motifs are in demand. Indian traditional designs like booties (small curvature of flower), bel (quince / vine), paan (beetle leaf), elephants and camels are one of them and in demand for the print of bedding and dresses like skirts and tunics. Though now all these designs are recreated with a modern touch, they still hold the beauty and represents Indian art. Find these beautiful block prints with Ekaadri.


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