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Places to see before leaving Jaipur


Jaipur is a “sultanate of agrabah” of Disney movie. Living in the middle of palaces and walls is a blessing for people living in Jaipur. Every street, wall and palace has an amazing story. Apart from beautiful culture, bollywood songs and colorful festivals, Jaipur has some places to see that you can’t afford to miss. Here is a list of some places you should visit before leaving Jaipur:-

Amer fort in a different view – If you are going to be in Jaipur you must be advised to visit Amer fort almost by everyone but look at the above picture. How about seeing Amer fort in a different view? 😉

Nahargarh rescue centre – Indian government has done a great job by giving some old and rescued lions and tigers. Its situated in the outskirts of Jaipur near Jaipur-delhi highway. These animals are addicted of lives in the middle of forests and mountain. It’s a rehabilitation for these rescued beasts and you will feel government has provided them good care and healthy environment.

Jalmahal – A palace on water! The enchanting beauty and mystery of a palace will make you spend hours there. Advice is to go to Jalmahal in the morning when there is fewer crowd. Along with meditation you will end up wondering and looking at this magical palace. As the day starts, you will find many sellers setting up small shops on the street. They sell small handicraft items which you can buy in good prices. Don’t miss to get yourself clicked in rajasthani dress in front of Jalmahal and take your memories back home as picture.

Hathi ganv or elephant village – Near kunda, Amer, you will find a “separate town” of elephants! Yes you heard it right. Its their own village that include separate accommodation and manmade lakes. Elephants are a big tourist’s attraction in Jaipur and government has made efforts to give them comfortable and healthy environment just like nahargarh rescue centre. Watching these big elephants having fun in water will be one of the most innocent things you have seen.

Ekaadri block printing workshop – In the end, if you are an art lover, make a visit to our workshop near Jalmahal. We have opened a small workshop for tourists near Jalmahal where you can take classes on hand block printing. You will be taught everything about traditional hand block printing art by expert artisans and can take block printed product made by YOU!

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